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Who is telling your story?…….we create stories your customers want to hear

Octo Consult helps advance your stories or break new ones through carefully planned media campaign efforts. Our extensive relationship in the media world – Print and Electronic ensures you get primetime coverage and first page mention in your industry and market.

Our fine ability to manage news placements and organize news events like press conferences, media briefings, media tours, personality interviews will constantly put our customers in the fore front of any news event relating to your market or industry and enhance easy brand identification by the public.

 Who are better to craft a powerful, targeted ad campaign that Not only do we offer you expert planners, we know the nuances of working with the media under all circumstances. Pitching your best stories to media houses that matters while ensuring that your key audiences are effectively reached at all times.

We have built partnerships with leading media outlets that ensure you a prime advertising spot at a competitive price. Whether it’s an ad in the newspaper, out-of-home media, an online display ad or a spot on TV or radio-We promises results!

  • Press Conference

  • Editorial Services

  • Press Releases

  • Media Monitoring

  • Newsletter

  • Reputation Management

  • Corporate Communications

  • Strategic Partnerships + Sponsorship

We create the stories your customers want to hear – connect with us, today

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